Cedric & April Muhammad

About Arkansas Gourmet Rice Company

You may be familiar with our rice mixes. Cedric and April have been selling them at farmers markets in Arkansas for years. The rice mixes have been made available at our April's Family Kitchen booth.

We decided to give our rice mixes the attention they deserve. Our Operations Manager, Cedric Muhammad, developed Arkansas Gourmet Rice Company so we could do just that.

How It All Began

As a wife and working mother, I was always pressed for time. One day after working another 10 hour day, I stopped by the grocer to find something quick and easy to prepare. I was tired and pressed for time, but wanted a hot meal for my family. I grabbed flavored packaged rice, along with chicken, and rushed home to put dinner on the table.

I called everyone to the table and we began to eat. I couldn’t help but notice how saturated the packaged rice was with a chemical flavor. We choked it down and I just thought how I could make better rice myself. Not long after, I got my chance to do so. You see, I was a real estate paralegal, and when the housing market crashed in 2007, I was laid-off. Searching for another job in my field yielded no results. Our family was forced to go into business.

As a southern style chef, April had been preparing delicious rice for years. Using their religious and cultural style for preparing rice, she developed a dried rice mix that could be quickly and easily prepared-not to mention delicious. As an Engineer, Cedric used his knowledge gained from many years of experience in manufacturing and production to formulate the business. He was able to exercise his wisdom in packaging, product development, and marketing to bring Arkansas Gourmet Rice Company into fruition.

Enjoy the beauty of all Arkansas has to offer including the fresh air and lush streams which help nourish crops!

The Natural State

Enjoy the beauty of all Arkansas has to offer including the fresh air and lush streams which help nourish crops!

What We Value

  • Quality- Our products are only sold when our high standards are met. We utilize quality controls for every batch.
  • Good Health- Our proprietary techniques allow our products to have reduced starch content; and we add natural herbs and seasonings which give our mixes extra vitamins and minerals. We also offer gluten free and vegan mixes.
  • Loyalty- We support Arkansas farmers by insisting on Arkansas grown staple goods.
  • Community Enhancement- We improve the community in which we live by preparing local products by local people. We also direct a portion of our earnings to the worthy local nonprofit we operate.