10 & 25 lb. boxes of gourmet rice mix

"Where Convenience & Home-Cooking Meet"

At Arkansas Gourmet Rice Company, LLC, our mission is to provide specialty staple products that are user friendly, convenient, and delicious to our customers. We are value-added producers. Our offerings are quality artisan fare; prepared with local grains by local people. We bring you gourmet rice the way it should be; freshly made, wholesome and healthy.

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Our gourmet rice mixes make any menu on your calendar extra-special.

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Find our mixes in these stores!

Drug Emporium

9112 N. Rodney Parham Rd.,

Little Rock, AR 72205

Eggshells Kitchen Company

5501 Kavanaugh Blvd.,

Little Rock, AR 72207

Stratton's Market

At Dugan's Pub

405 E. 3rd St.,

Little Rock, AR 72201

Our rice mixes are a great way to offer a delicious and healthy meal without requiring a lot of additional work. Just pour the mix in a pot of boiling water, and within 20 minutes, you've got a yummy side-dish or entree. No fuss!

We use only Arkansas grown rice; the best rice in the world! Our rice is thoroughly rinsed (which reduces the starch content), roasted (which adds a nutty flavor), and seasoned with all natural herbs and spices. Our Gluten Free & Vegan rice mixes do not contain chicken bouillon.

We offer 3 different rice flavors: Yellow, Spanish, & Cajun Rice Mixes. You can enjoy each flavor as Traditional Rice (with chicken bouillon flavoring), Gluten Free & Vegan (without chicken bouillon flavoring), Brown Rice (with chicken bouillon flavoring), or Gluten Free & Vegan Brown Rice (without chicken bouillon flavoring). All are delicious!